Saturday, 24 August 2013

How internet marketing can boost businesses

The strategies and dynamic approaches needed to succeed in the competitive market world has made internet marketing a kind of lifeline for businesses that may not have to toil anymore to break even in their prospective endeavours.
However, an issue is how proactive the businesses can be in adopting digital marketing, to create that constant innovation required to seal off deals.

These are the realisations that spurred technology expert and CEO WSI-Axon West Africa, Chief Edirin Abamwa to pitch his tent in Lagos Nigeria with the intention to provide innovative internet marketing solutions for clients worldwide.
Abamwa said that having been involved in developing and executing results-oriented digital marketing strategies that are custom-tailored to new technologies, Nigeria was a better destination giving the number of new businesses sprouting up by the day.
Speaking with Vanguard Hi-Tech, he explained the benefits and leverages a business could derive from engaging digital marketing as a strategy.
Business edge of digital marketing
“Engaging in digital marketing gives business edge. For instance when a business signs to a digital marketing company like ours which covers Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana, via Google, yahoo and other platforms, what it means is that any online product campaign it runs, would be accessed by internet users in those places.
The catch is that the number of yahoo users, which actually is enormous, will get the company’s messages and when that happens, the company is on the march to the top. Remember that as many as possible that stumble on the online promos and become interested are automatically the company’s customers, despite distance and regardless that nobody physically talked to them”.
Another platform that digital marketing also facilitates, include the opportunity of holding online meetings and discussions with unit heads and all marketers. Considering that most organizations don’t have the means to converse internally, digital marketing gives that opportunity of closeness and prompt contact between unit heads and marketers by the intranet that comes with the portfolio.
Planning for digital marketing
However, digital marketing is not a tea party and Abamwa admitted that to invest in digital marketing takes a lot of preparation. “We try as much as we can to let people understand that to get the edge in digital marketing; one however, has to start planning ahead, between six months and one year at the minimum. Besides this planning, website is another very important aspect of digital marketing. A poor website kills the prospects of the strategy while a well designed website draws the benefits closer”
Way forward in a cashless society
If there is a time to take digital marketing seriously, it is now when every transaction is going cashless. “ Nigerian businesses for instance has no choice in this. Today nobody exchanges cash. It’s a cashless society we are trying to entrench and people do their purchases online these days. So how can a business that is not online survive? If Nigeria businesses do not move as the world is moving, very soon it will find it impossible to do business with the rest of the world. So it is inevitable. This is the way the world is moving. However, the argument is not whether the digital media will replace conventional media but we should develop the sense of seeing them as two sides of a coin that complement each other.

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