Sunday, 6 October 2013

Protect Your Marriage!

The workplace is now the number one place where extramarital affairs occur. What starts out as a harmless working relationship turns into a close friendship that slowly turns into something more.  It’s the “something more” that you have to be aware of… before you know it, you have developed a crush.
Here are 7 reasons why your crush is inappropriate and 5 ways to nip it in the bud before it goes too far.

  • Protect Your Marriage! 7 Reasons Your Crush is Inappropriate

    It upsets your spouse

    If your spouse gets upset every time you mention your "crush"....then your crush is no longer harmless.
    Just because your "crush" is a celebrity or just because you are joking about your "crush," doesn't mean that your spouse will be comfortable with it. Dr. Gary Chapman says that couples should have a honest conversation with each other about how it makes them feel.  He also suggests:
    Working through the issue starts with finding better ways of saying things that don’t hurt the other person. To say he’s “good looking” may not hurt as bad, but to use the word “crush” communicates to you that she has some sort of desire to be with that person.

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