Tuesday, 30 July 2013


It shows that man studies the community's needs, the nature and properties of materials within the environment, and with these knowledge, skills, design processes and methods to satisfy the needs of the community and also to improve method of extracting the materials for the development, progress and advancement of the community (environment).

People develop tec...hnology when they improve their knowledge, skills and procedures for making, using and doing things. Technology is developed and not necessarily 'transferred' as many people think. The developed technology we have today did not appear overnight. They went through decades or even centuries of refinement. They are products of years of hard work, dedication to duty, positive attitude towards the world of work, patience, endurance, effort and discipline.
Remarkably, life without a bearing is a burden. It is a right that makes life fruit bearing. Many people have left their future blank, they are not expecting anything, so they get there to find nothing. Every turn around begins with a 'dream' ."Dreams" constitute the baseline for breakthrough in every human endeavour.
When we were children in school, our teachers would ask us, " What do you to be when you grow up? Everyone of us said something, but very few actually believed in what they said. Those who did and kept driving towards their goals arrived at their destinations". Someone said," aim nothing, and hit nothing". It is time to have an expectation for your tomorrow. What you see, the mental picture you paint concerning your future, will set the peace for what you experience. Thus, we need wisdom and knowledge to actualize its visibilities and make it REALITIES OF LIFE: that is, THE POWER OF DREAMS; by which education is the key to 'prosperous' success, through 'sound' and solid foundation.
Government should consider this and look into the condition and standards/(levels) of our education, because it is very important for better tomorrow and brighter future of our generation to come. May looking at things generally, most people in this country are living in abject poverty. Some cannot afford one square meal daily, and how can you expect these kind of persons to 'dream' not even to think about the important and vital 'roles' Education plays in our lives to standard living, development and advancement.
Thus, it becomes a 'predicament' to our National growths and development, which encourages all sorts of crimes, corruption and violent all over the country as we witnessed; therefore, let us help in fighting poverty by promoting 'Education': To eradicate ignorance for standard understanding. This is a challenge to all sectors of life.
Government needs to provide strategies, processes and methods to tackle this issue of LACK OF EDUCATION. They should try to extend their act of goodness to people, mostly those living in the rural areas; who lack this sense of Education and the 'powerful' roles it play to stabilize the unity of the Nation; though, they lack knowledge and sense of belonging in their environment.
Government needs to 'rectify' this; it is very important by providing free education and 'scholarship' to brilliant one on 'merit' which is "solid foundation" and build more academic structures with conducive environment. No State, Nation and well beings proper effectively without aims, objectives, strategies, visions(dreams), processes and methods through solid foundation in Education at all levels and categories of understanding, not only at high levels or positions, but also at grassroots. Through proper Education and studies, one will know his or her fundamental rights to defend at all time, with 'dignity' and 'respect'. One will be aware of how to protect lives and properties through knowledge and enlightenment (i.e. "Awareness"). The importance of Education can not be overemphasized; because, "Education is key to success" and "knowledge is Power".

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