Friday, 12 July 2013

Evans Bipi Boasts About Beating-Up Chidi Loyd In Rivers Assembly

Most people have only seen the video of Hon Chidi Loyd chasing his colleagues with a mase however this is a video of Bipi or whatever he calls himself boasting about how he and his gang beat up Hon Chidi Loyd, Speaker Rt. Hon Amachree and another member. Chidi Loyd was only retaliating for the beating he got earlier that wasn't caught on tape coz only NTA camera crew were there. I wonder why many of you on nairaland support evil, tomorrow when this clown Bipi who cant get his tenses right becomes speaker and infests the entire state with his cultism i hope most of you will be happy.

PS: for the records Hon Bipi is not a member of the SVC, he is a member of Islandoes a waterside cult made up of miscreants and low lives. many SVC members have since denied him.

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